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How to Become a Successful Forex Trader


The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest and most liquid financial market. With nearly 4 trillion United States dollars or USD handled daily, the market itself is an endless wave of both opportunities and risks. In order for one to succeed in trading, one must take the initiative to enhance what they learned so far and take it to the next level.

Here are some advanced ways on how you can succeed as a Forex trader:


1. Making Sure You Have the Best Tools

Prior to planning a strategy, you must first invest in a reliable Forex trading platform that more or less provides accurate Forex quotes.

If you’re a novice, you can also sharpen your skills by starting with a demo account which is a feature usually available in most trading platforms. Additionally, this simulation feature can also be used to practice a more advanced Forex trading strategy.


Here are some of the best forex trading tools that can help you with analysis, forecasting, and the general trade path:


  • Economic News Calendar

A list that helps traders through containing data which is important in their forecast, such as future consensus of the market, outcomes previously released, economic information, and related events from all over the world. It should also contain political news and policy changes that could affect the foreign exchange market.

  • Financial Newswire

This is much like the economic calendar, but it is more focused on business and finance-related news. One of the key considerations in the currency valuation is the interest rate, so it’s important that you know when there are financial policy changes in a certain country.

  • Currency Correlation

One of the most important tools to have in foreign exchange. It contains the relationships between currencies with a rating from +1.0, a perfectly positive correlation to -1.0, or a perfectly inverse positive correlation. Knowing the correlation of the currencies will allow you to make the right trade decisions.

  • Trade Journal

Allows you to keep track of everything that happens in your Forex trading career. You will get an overview of your run so far, whether you are making profit, breaking even or still at the losing end. Having a journal allows you to practice control and discipline because you know exactly how much you have invested and how much you’re looking to earn.


2. Hedging

Forex hedging is a strategy that protects you against a large loss. This involves placing a trade that buys a certain currency pair, while placing another trade that sells the said pair. This technique allows you to trade simultaneously on both directions of the market without necessarily closing the first trade.

Since you have to close the initial trade, this strategy allows you to make money with the second trade if the first one go against the market. However, if the initial trade becomes favorable, you can always set a stop order or just close it.

Traders can make the most out of hedging by dealing with different currency pairs. For instance, during the initial trade, you can place a buying order for USD/GBP while also selling USD/EUR as your second trade.


3. Trading on position

Forex position term trading involves handling a single trading position for long periods of time, which can last for several months and even years. This technique focuses entirely on the trader’s overall exposure to a specific currency pair which requires a good understanding of the fundamentals of trading.

What makes position trading so attractive is that traders do not need to monitor the market every single day. In fact, the most important thing that traders should focus on is that they follow through with a long-term market analysis.


4. Making use of Forex options

Forex options refers to an agreement where a trader can purchase a specific pair of currency at a specific time. This agreement also includes a price margin that is immediately agreed upon by the two parties which prevents it from being subjected to change should the price shift.

While Forex options can work well for you, it can also work against you. The latter of which usually happens when a trader is working with a rather volatile currency pair. Most of which are derived from countries that have experienced political turmoil, as well as other forms of economic stability.


5. Scalping

Forex scalping is the opposite of trading in position. While the latter requires patience and long-term forex market analysis, Forex scalping requires quick and immediate decisions within the span of the trading period.

While scalping can provide you a chance to gain profits within a shorter time frame, many of which are actually minimal, the goal is to gradually increase your profit over time if you are skilled enough. This strategy works best for traders who are willing to monitor the market very closely while also keeping calm during tense trading periods.


6. Triangular arbitrage

This Forex trading method is usually utilized by traders who are working on different cross rate trades. This technique involves working three different currency pairs at the same time. If done correctly, it can result in traders being able to gain profit, as well as a net flat position.

While complicated at first, experts believe that the best way to take advantage of this technique is to work with currencies that share similar attributes in terms of history and economic stability.


There is a difference between a good trader and a great one; and you should always strive to be the latter. In order to increase your chances of success, you will need to adopt advanced strategies that will put you ahead of the rest. To do this, you must remember to practice, stay focused, and most of all remain diligent. The Forex market is filled with competition but it’s not impossible to succeed among experts when you become an expert yourself.


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